Sacred Scotland Tour

Awakening the ancestral power
deep within your soul.

Photography by Elementalism

Céad míle fáilte

Join Ryan McKenna on an adventure of a lifetime through the most enigmatic sacred sites of Scotland. Take the pilgrimage to some of the world’s most important sacred sites from prehistoric megalithic structures, holy chapels, cathedrals, standing stone circles, burial cairns and sacred wells. Get to explore clan castle ruins, old world architecture, ancient monuments that are off the beaten track. Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of Scotland, the dramatic landscapes, beautiful nature and untamed wilderness that’s steeped in thousands of years of history, mythology and folklore.

Discover the true beauty of this holy land and learn about the local culture, language, heritage, music and traditions. The Sacred Scotland Tour will take you on an unforgettable odyssey together with a group of like minded soul family to connect with the land in deep prayer, reverence and celebration! The portal is opening. Scotland awaits You……

Alba gu bràth

An all inclusive package including:

10 nights accommodation

Transportation around Scotland (travel by land and by sea)

2 healthy meals per day

Summer Solstice Ceremony at Callanais Stones

2 nights on the Isle of Skye

2 nights on the Isle of Lewis

Kilmartin Glen and Dunadd tour

Roslyn chapel and Roslyn Glen tour

Culloden battlefield war memorial tour

Glen Coe hiking

Glen Lyon and Loch Tay tour

Druidic and Christian sites of worship


Daily movement classes

Ceremony and rituals 

Guided Meditation and prayer 

Gaelic land blessing 

Personalised one to one sessions with Ryan

Sharing and integration circles


You will fly into Edinburgh airport. There will be a group pickup from Edinburgh central.

Transportation around Scotland will be in a 17 seater minibus.

We will drop you off in Edinburgh after the tour.


We will stay at different accommodations throughout the tour. The rooms will vary between private and shared. Check out some of our accommodations here:


* price does not include flights to and from Scotland

50% deposit up front – payment plans available 

Meet Ryan, Your Tour Guide

Contact Ryan on Instagram @ryanmckenna.88 or via email HERE to book a private tour.

Ryan is a Son of Scotland. Born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city with a rich ancestral heritage in Scotland and Ireland, he embodies the ancient ways of his native land. Ryan grew up spending a lot of his days exploring Scotland’s Highlands and Islands, with a burning passion for Scottish culture, history and folklore. and with his ardent love for nature, Ryan has developed a deep connection to the sacred sites of Scotland over the years.

Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist musician, health & wellness guru, astrologer as well as a tour guide.

He has been facilitating and leading healing retreats since 2017, and in 2018 established the Sacred Scotland Tour. Ryan is dedicated to the reclamation of Scottish culture, through facilitating spaces of ancestral remembrance and celebration and his intention for creating the Sacred Scotland Tour is to reconnect people back into the power of their ethnicity, ancestral heritage and indigenous European roots.

Enjoy Ryan’s Celtic playlist HERE.

Do you feel called to discover the MAGIC, BEAUTY and WONDER of Scotland?

Are you ready to dive deep into the ancient history and rich culture whilst immersing yourself in some of the world’s most stunning scenery?

Do you want to walk the pilgrim paths of the great early Christian Saints and monks?

Do you want to climb mountains and breathe in some of the purest and freshest air in the world?

Do you want to feel what it’s like to stand inside an ancient stone circle?

Do you want to learn about ancient Celtic civilization and the ways of the Druids?

Would you like to explore some of the world’s most stunning scenery and most beautiful old world architecture?

Well, perhaps this adventure is for you!

A homecoming, and a rekindling of an ancestral fire that has been burning so deep!

Scotland is waiting for you, and she is calling your name.

All payments to be made via PayPal to Ryan at


What Participants Had to Say about their Experience


“I had the the absolute pleasure of joining Ryan on his Sacred Scotland Tour this September and it was probably my most life changing experience in my life up until this point. I absolutely love to travel, but quite honestly Scotland wasn’t on my radar. I went on the trip because after meeting Ryan a year prior in Costa Rica, I wanted to be around him again and learn more from him. We went on the most miraculous hikes, visited many sacred sights and explored the world in a way I never had before. I felt so connected to Mother Earth, God, the Universe and my calling in life. I immediately felt connected with everybody in the group and it was as if we had known each other for years. Ryan’s ability to lead, hold space and create experiences for others is really powerful. I would highly recommend joining in on any of the trips, tours or retreats that Ryan leads.”

“Joining the Sacred Scotland was like coming home to my soul family. The very first thing I noticed stepping out of the airport was: wow the grass is so green here! Ryan is a bridger of worlds, so if you feel a connection with him, joining this tour will definitely connect you with other light beings.

The views, mountains, forests, rivers and beaches.. yeah beaches in Scotland! Were straight out of a movie! Everything is so lush and moist, I just wanted to sleep the night in the thick moss growing all over.

Stepping into the ferry to go to the Callendish stones was like stepping into a space ship from Star Trek. So many exciting moments and empowering experiences are to be felt. Highly recommend taking the leap of faith on this hero’s journey.

With light,

Joshua Peladeau”



“Touring the sacred sites of Scotland with Ryan opened my heart and soul to the magic of my homeland and ignited memories deep within me of my history here, long before this lifetime. We explored enchanted places great and small, climbed a magnificent mountain, went under a stunning waterfall, prayed with the spirits of the land, worshipped the elements, and held ceremony in portals and ancient ruins. The trip was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. Wonderful to meet such kindred spirits too and to celebrate this country, perhaps the most beautiful in all the world. Thank you Ryan for sharing your incredible knowledge and spirit and for holding space for each of us to dive deep into our Celtic ancestry.”

“Traveling Scotland with Ryan as our guide was like sharing a pot of gold with a generous leprechaun! In fact, Ryan often looked like a magical creature to me as we traversed fields and dipped in Druid pools. He would often take out his flute and speak to the earth and the creatures in that language. How can someone be on such an enlightened path and still be so down to earth? Ryan is a brother to every living creature and he does not label the people he meets as this or that. He seems to see everyone as an important part of the healing journey that is LIFE! One day, Ryan led us to a place called Aberfeldy- the gateway to the highlands- where we had coffee at a local cafe, built rock sculptures in the stream, climbed a mountain, sat and sang in a stone circle on top of the world, foraged, dipped in a druid’s pool, chased a sheep that was out of his fence- to no avail(!), and then went back to town for some scotch and a fine dinner! We were at home in Scotland and would recommend ANY tour with Ryan as a guide, as it is sure to be fun and new, but especially The Sacred Scotland Tour.”



“The second Ryan told me of this trip I knew I wanted to go on this adventure with him! He had always inspired me to connect with my Celtic roots and I could not miss the opportunity. Arrival to Edinburg was easy and fun, the city is so lovely. We spent a day wandering through medieval streets to then scale Arthur’s Seat, where we were washed clean by crisp winds as we overlooked a stunning view. The venture into the highlands was a powerful one, because we not only got to visit ancient sites, but we got to see first hand the intense history of a proud and determined people. The road trips were filled with laughter and song and every hike was a meditative process that were so important to my own personal growth, especially up the Faery Mountain of Schiehallion where I actually encountered for the first time an elemental spirit directly! Meditations with standing stones placed ages before us were transformative reminders of the timelessness of the earth and the continuity of the sacred. I would recommend this journey to anyone who wishes to connect to an ancient and mystical land through the guidance of a true and humble steward of nature and human consciousness. Ryan is a voice for our ancestors and a flowering branch on the rebirth tree of this cultural heritage.”

Sarah Wu, Clinical Herbalist

“The Sacred Scotland Tour hosted by Ryan McKenna was a dream come true! Ryan created a beautiful curated tour of many well known sites, but also sites that were more obscure and only a local as he is would know about. Each day as we encountered a new location, the energy the land transmitted was astounding. Scotland is a magical place, that was shared by a magical person. Ryan is deeply connected to his heritage and that is conveyed by his knowledge of his people and his land, songs, writings, and language he lovingly shares. Turns out I too am connected by heritage as Welsh Lassie and I could feel that connection deeply.

The places we stayed along our journey were beautiful and soulful. We stayed at each place anywhere from 1-3+ days which was nice to have a few moments to settle in. The food Ryan provided was simple, but holistic and nourishing, perfect for the health conscious and for energy to scout about each day.

At many of the sites we participated in rituals and aligning to the spirits that once lived on the lands. One day Ryan pointed out a gnome to me hiding very skillfully as they do, first I have actually ever seen, but now I know how to look for and see them. Each stone circle was a powerful experience and the Yew tree in the Village of Fortingall is not to be missed, it is the most ancient, and loving tree spirit I have ever encountered. Our climb to the top of Schiehallion was difficult for me, but the top was so grand, one could see 360 degrees, I felt akin to the eagles who fly here. I will one day join this tour again and go deeper into this beautiful, welcoming land.”

Peggy Humphries



“From all the 38 countries I traveled and all the adventures, Sacred Scotland tour was one of the most fantastic and memorable trips I ever had!

From the magical highlands, the coast, crystal mountains, stone circles, ancient trees and churches … to feel the elementals, fairies and elves … no wonder why Scotland’s symbol animal is a Unicorn!

To add to the experience, Ryan’s deep knowledge of the land and history, his combination of knowledge between the visible and invisible realms makes the trip even more enriched!

This is a journey I would totally do every year!

Love Love Love Sacred Scotland Tour!”

Cristina Kalyani

Whoever gets the opportunity to share time and space with Ryan McKenna in any way will be making a wise decision to say the least. True Anamcara “ Soul Family”

The Motherland trip to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 i attended was a vital experience to deeply connect back to our ancestors and to the spirits of the land with most reverence and appreciation.

Ryan weaves his deeply connected knowledge of the land, astrology and the old Celtic ways as well as with music and much humor to create a safe and worthwhile experience for anyone that is willing to receive this very special medicine. A true Druid he is and one with a big open heart ready to share with all that show up.

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime and give yourself to the experience fully.

🐻❤️ BearHeart Saputo

Bear Heart


The Sacred Scotland Tour, conducted brilliantly by my brother Ryan McKenna, came at a poignant time in my life when I was going through a bit of a dark night of the soul. And this tour was a perfect transformational experience to lift me back into depth and purpose. Truly, I couldn’t have imagined how powerful and meaningful it would be for me. Ryan masterfully guided us through a beautiful constellation of sacred sites, ever illuminating inspiring wisdom to parallel the breathtaking lands we visited. And it wasn’t just a tour: Ryan truly initiated us into the wisdoms of the ancients, making us feel as though we were part of a renewal of ancestral power as well as helping awakening the power of the sacred sites. On top of that, Ryan supplied ample Celtic music in the evenings, rousing into community jams that forged a lovely soul family vibe, along with dropping his genius astrological insights at every turn. The accommodations were all first-rate as well as the sumptuous and nourishing meals curated by his team. The Sacred Scotland Tour feels like a highly significant pilgrimage experience that evokes magic and purpose in all who experience it. I recommend it for anyone wishing to know the deeper beauty of Scotland, Celtic wisdom and to simply nourish one’s soul deeply.

Darren Austin Hall

I can still hear the high tin whistle singing and the deep Bodhran thundering upon the crystal mountain peak as we look down upon my old highland home; I have finally arrived. I’ve been waiting my whole life for the right moment to return to my people’s lands, and this tour was the perfect way to be reintroduced. From the old growth grooves of Roselyn Chapel to the Standing Stones of Calanais, we connected deeply to the spirit of the land and learned about the ancient peoples and beliefs of our ancestors. Through his vast historical knowledge and the Celtic wisdom he embodies, Ryan led us with reverence through the magical lands of Alba.

The music, food, and accommodations were superb and with Ryan’s attention to every detail and genuine care for the comfort of all the participants; I was always feeling held and safe as we explored the sacred sites of Scotland. I am so incredibly grateful to Sacred Scotland Tours and for Ryan McKenna for beautifully guiding the reconnection to my ancestral homeland in a pure sacred way. It was so life changing and profound that I would love to do it again and again; I cannot recommend this tour highly enough. 10/10.




The Sacred Scotland Tour was a heart-expanding introduction into the ancient sites & rich history of the North. Our magical group was sinking deep into the connection with the sacred places full presence & devotion. The guidance of Ryan McKenna on the tour touched upon story telling, musical sharings & embodied celtic wisdom. Highly recommend the mystical journey to Scotland for remembering the ancestral roots.

Vera Anja Nixon, Switzerland

Ryan is a guide of great depth, reverence, and love for the lands and culture of Scotland. It was an honor to receive his insights and stewardship to some of the most amazing energy vortexes and sacred places. Plus, he brought together an amazing community to share the experience with. If you’re looking to connect with Scotland in a safe, deep, and meaningful way, Ryan is your man.




The Sacred Scotland trip on summer solstice was a magical experience. The group that Ryan collected around himself could not have been more perfectly selected. I made so many deep connections to the people and to the land, and Ryan curated the perfect container for the magic. I loved the yoga, the organic food, the wisdom of the beautiful people sharing space with me, and the reverence with which we approached the ancient power sites. So much energetic shifting occurred for me on this trip. I think it will take months before I can even express the shifts that occurred. If you’re looking for real connection – if you’re about the land and the energy – then this trip is definitely for you. Many blessings to you on your journey.

Erin Brady

If your soul is calling you to go to Scotland there is only one person that I have in mind for taking you there and this is Ryan McKenna. Ryan will take your heart and spirit on a magical journey to Scotland and the history, the love and the passion that he shares for his homeland is truly amazing. I went to the Sacred Scotland Tour the summer of 2023 with my husband and we had the most incredible experience. We traveled with a group – all people we did not know beforehand, but that quickly became like family. We traveled all over Scotland including the Island of SKy and Isle of Lewis and each place we visited was breathtaking and sacred. Ryan shared history, magic and we brought offerings to each place. We prayed , danced , healed and loved the land. All the people that Ryan worked with from Scott ( our driver ) to Shannon and Rory of CAIM and Krystal our yoga teacher – were just wonderful people. Thank you Ryan and most of all thank you Scotland for bringing us all home to our hearts and ancestors. I urge anyone who wants to go to Scotland to go with Ryan and Sacred Scotland Tour.”



“While work exchanging at Posada Natura in Costa Rica, I met Ryan McKenna who was the chef for some of the retreats happening at that beautiful sanctuary by the river. He said I looked like a ‘pict’, and so I began to learn more about the Celtic aspects of my ancestry, what the true natives from there were really about and how these fae/elven folk are now as rare in their homelands as the Native American Indians are too theirs.

Once back in South Africa I witnessed Ryan starting to leading his own wellness retreats and guiding people from all over the world on his Sacred Scotland and Ireland tours. I soon felt the call to experience this communion with my ancestral lands too, and so during a visit to my sisters family there near Edinburgh I decided to hop on that magic bus 🙂

We were a bunch of characters from all walks of life and common threads to the magical isles touring Scotland with the best Celtic music I’d ever heard, great conversation and good vibes 🙂 Our accommodations were very comfortable in beautiful settings along the way as we visited many places including the Roslyn Chapel, Callanish Standing Stones, the Caledonian Forests and the Isle of Lewis. Something about being in those lush forests by the river, in those meadows and meditating against the giant ancient portals of those standing stones felt deeply profound and moving to me in ways not easy to describe. Thankfully Ryan and his friends always had a way of ‘balancing the sacred and the silly’ so that through the lessons in history and reverence for the land and ancestors, there was also plenty of laughter and pixie mischief.

I would recommend this tour to anyone with any Celtic ancestry and/or curiosity for experiencing and learning more about these beautiful lands, their magic light and the people of the mists and the water.”

Julia Fae

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