Sacred Site Destinations


Callanish standing stones are one of the largest stone circle complexes in the world. Located on the Isle of Lewis in the remote outer Hebrides, it takes a two and a half hour ferry from the mainland to get there. It is one of the most remote
places in Western Europes, right on the fringes of our Celtic civilisation. The stone circle is shaped like Celtic cross and is connected with an important vortex leyline point, in connections with Giza, and other sacred sites in Scotland. Held sacred to the ancient druids, the Callanish stones have been a place of pilgrimage for many religious and spiritual seekers from all over the world. Callanish is a living astromonical temple as it is closely aligned with the Pleiades star system and it was used by the ancient to track the metonic cycles of the Moon. The stones feel alive. They speak. And they have a message to tell. We will make the pilgrimage to Callanish on the Summer Solstice and be with the stones in deep reverence, prayer and ceremony in honor of our group and the Sacred Scotland Tour. This is a big day! The energies are Callanish are very potent and we get to spend all day exploring the stones and the other megalithic complexes nearby.

Glen Coe

Glen Coe is arguably one of the most scenic places in all of Scotland. Towering majestic mountains on either side of the glen and the famous ‘three sisters’ mountain peaks. The glen is the ancestral home of Clan MacDonald, one of the most powerful tribes in all of Scotland. We will go on an epic hike through the glen to the place called the Coire Gabhail – ‘the hidden valley’ to discover the secret hiding place of Clan MacDonald. We will learn about the tragic history of the glen and the brutal story of the highland clearances. We will spend the day in nature explore the stunning scenery all around. When we get to the hidden valley we will have lunch around a small fire, share stories and songs, before we complete another scenic drive through Scotland’s west Highland way.

Kilmartin Glen

Kilmartin glen is often referred to as an open air museum. It has the most important concentration of Neolithic and Bronze Age remains in mainland Scotland. 5000 years of known history can be found in the hundreds of burial cairns, standing stones, rock carvings, hill forts, castles and other significant historical sites in the area. Kilmartin was once the holy capital of Dalriada, an ancient kingdom that included both Ireland and Scotland. The ancient hill fort of Dunaad is where we will hold a very special water ceremony to inaugurate into the land and reclaim our true essence as kings and queens of the land. The origins of Scotland the nation as we know it today was born here in this glen as Kenneth Mac Aplin united the Picts and the Scots. We will spend the whole day exploring the glen and discovering the ancient history and magic of the land in meditation. One of the most important Sacred sites in Scotland, we will continue in the ancient Celtic traditions by honouring these sites with great respect, reverence, prayer, and with an open mind and inquisitive heart at the great mystery all around us.

Glen Lyon, Fionn’s Rock & Fortingall Yew Tree

Glen Lyon is situated in the heart of Scotland and It is one of the most beautiful glens the country has to offer. It is known as Scotlands ‘longest, loneliest and loveliest’ glen. Glen Lyon is host to a number of ancient sacred sites that we will visit. One of them being the enigmatic ‘Fionn’s Rock’, a mysterious megalithic stone structure with links to Finn MacCool, the legendary Irish giant who was said to roam these lands with his band of Fianna warriors. The glen is also home to the UK’s oldest Ash tree and other important standing stones and ancient relics. Glen Lyon is adorned with beautiful gushing rivers, the majestic peaks either side of the glen. Fionn’s rock is a place where we will make offerings to the ancestors of the land and connect deeply in silence with ourselves and tune our frequencies to the land. We will take a beautiful scenic drive through some of Scotland’s most remote and untouched mountainscapes, taking it all in and enjoying the scenery. We will also pay homage to the Fortingall Yew tree, the oldest living being in Europe that was planted there 5,000 years ago!


Discover the famous Roslyn chapel and Roslyn glen, which is situated on a powerful vortex energy point called the ‘Rose Line’. Hence Ros-lyn = Rose Line, The ‘Rose’ line. Built in 1446 by Sir William St Clair, the chapel contains many secrets and mysteries of humanity that draw visitors from all corners of the world, most recently being made famous by the book ‘the Da Vinci code’, however the chapels history goes way back than that. It’s tales speak of the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and the Holy Grail itself. The Chapel is said to contain many relics and artifacts from the crusades and is still a working church to this day. The antique tech and architecture in the chapel is absolutely mind blowing and once can really feel a deep sense of power, magic and mysticism being there. After our tour of the chapel we will continue to explore Roslyn castle and Roslyn glen nearby. Full of powerful Gaian energies Roslyn glen, an enchanted elven forest, the Celts spoke of it being a sacred place of druid initiation. Full of many ancient Yew, oak and chestnut trees the energy of the glen will certainly leave you enchanted and in awe! We visit Wallace’s cave, carved deep into the glen, with Celtic spirals and pagan symbols carved into the stone, with all of the indigenous Scottish woodland, it truly is an elven paradise! We will visit Roslyn castle, located in Roslyn glen, just a few minutes walk from the chapel. We will learn about the mysterious of the Yew tree and the Druids, the Elven and Faery Kingdoms and immerse ourselves in one of Scotland’s finest forests.


Explore the old medieval city of Edinburgh and discover a true holy city. Edinburgh is a World Heritage site and contains some of the most incredible old-world architecture and antique-tech of what is known as Tartaria. You will be mind blown with the gems that Edinburgh holds. We will visit Edinburgh castle, the Royal Mile, and the beautiful Holyrood park and we’ll climb to the summit of Arthur Seat, the extinct volcano in the heart of the city for panoramic views! Take a tour on some of the most scenic walks around the most hidden parts of the city and get a taste into Scotlands vibrant and buzzing capital city. We’ll learn and explore about the history the city and some of the incredible stories that it holds. We will get a chance to walk around the city and have some good retail time, and visit some cool shops, cafe’s and magical places around the city.


Schiehallion translates from Gaelic as ‘the faery hill of the Caledonians’. This is one of our big days in the Sacred Scotland Tour where we climb to the summit of this 3,553-foot high mountain. Schiehallion is steeped in folklore and mythology and it is known as Scotland’s holy mountain. According to traditional lore it is said to be the abode for all kinds of magical faery beings and has connections with the underworld. You can see the crystal quartz that is so abundant in the rock and talking this hike to the summit feels like a great purification of the spirit. One can feel the peace and stillness in Schiehallion. Geographically, it is in the exact centre of the country which has great energetic importance. Schiehallion boasts incredible panoramic views of the land. This can be a bit of a fitness test, but with the help of the group, we ascend in style together and reach the summit where we take part in a honey mead ceremony as a celebration.

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